Guitarist Gaurav Bali was born in New Jersey into a musical family. His grandfather was a gold winning East Indian Sitarist in the 1940's and was even a mentor to Indian music legend, Ravi Shankar. Music was in his heart from the beginning.

Gaurav was playing guitar by the time he was 10 after being inspired by guitarists such as Randy Rhoads and Edward Van Halen.

In 1999, Gaurav joined Taki and Alex Sassaris in Eve to Adam and started tearing up the frets. The trio immediately started writing songs for their first album together, "Auburn Slip" in 2001.

His talent has not gone un-noticed. Gaurav is officialy endorsed by the Fender/EVH guitar company, Morley Pedals, GHS strings and In Tune Guitar picks. And he knows how to rock with all of them.

Gaurav Bali